08 April 2005

West. Co. DPS 800Mhz TRS Update

Time for an update on the new Westmoreland County Department of Public Safety 800Mhz Trunked Radio System. The County fathers seem to be well pleased with the performance of the system so far, and from what I've monitored from here in the Labs, I would have to concur. One sign of this is the lack of complaints from those in the field using it, in fact, to the contrary, I've heard quite a few compliments offered. The old VHF system definitely had some problems, at least here in the NKNOC Labs neck of the county.

The Labs is still running the Pro96Com software 24 x 7, which is being fed the control channel data from the IF port of our RS Pro-96 digi-scanner. This program takes the control channel's 9600 baud data stream and separates out & decodes all of the many individual fields of information for intelligent display on the computer screen. This produces a plethora of information about the system activity, towers, frequencies, affiliations, talkgroups, radios, patches, channel grants, & much more. So far, Pro96Com has logged 127 talkgroups and 1,570 radio ID's. This weekend, the Labs will be updating the Pro96Com data files and uploading them onto the web server, where they will continue to be downloadable as a zip file. In addition, we'll be revising the Win96 programming files and they will also be available for download. If you already use either of these software packages and monitor the WCDPS 800Mhz system, give these files a look. We think you'll like them. If you're not using these programs, and you own a Pro-96 or Pro-2096, you need to try this software! Don't forget the data cable you'll also need to connect your digi-scanner to your PC.

There are still two tower sites yet to come on line, North Huntington and Scottdale. Once these fire up, the final acceptance testing will be done for that part of the county. In the mean time, there are also quite a few departments & units needing to finish their training, get their radios and join the 800Mhz airwaves. We've noticed activity on several new talkgroups in the past week or so. These are presumed to be TG ID's being tested, soon to be used by those not yet on the air. TG's heard were 236, 242, 245, 300, 301, 304, 310, 318, 330, 342, 344, 354, 421.

The Labs would like to hear from anyone who has been using the site's live streaming scanner audio link to listen to West. County's radio traffic. You're listening to our RS Pro-2096 digi-scanner picking up all of the action. Let us know what you think of it, where you use it, how it sounds, and if we should keep it up. The feed uses Lab hardware that will only continue to be available if you folks let us know that it's worth while. Use any of the available links to drop us a line or two, or post a comment here by clicking the "comments" link at the end of this post.

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