19 April 2005

Live Scanner Update 002

I was hoping to log in here tonight and post word that since renewing the request for responses regarding the live scanner feed, the NKNOC Labs received so many emails that our mail server began to choke.... but, alas, not even enough to gag a flea. The old sying is, "Actions speak louder than words." There is another one, slightly newer since I just made it up, "Inaction speaks the loudest." Here's a related question: "How do you tell Ingnorance from Indifference? Answer: "I don't know, and I don't care."

Seems the American Way is becoming ever more defined by the "I, Me, Mine."... "The Me First Generation"... "Instant Gratification"... "I feel the need for greed."... and even "Hurray for me, and screw you!" credos. A shame really. Doesn't bode well for the very young who someday will inherit whatever scraps will be left by then.

So, back to the streaming scanner audio. Allow me to inject a little moral viewpoint here, based on a conversation I had with a friend recently, who offered the opinion that putting the live feed up on the 'Net "may not be in the best interest of some". "Define 'some'", I taunted. "The PD's on the feed for one", he replied. "How so", I asked. His reply was that the live feed compromised PD operations by giving the 'Bad Guys' an upper hand, since all they have to do to know exactly(?) what the PD is doing is log on to the live feed (if they can get a port...). Excuse me? I think that's a stretch. So what I decided to do was make a list of Pro & Con arguments on the subject and let the masses decide. Read on, engage the thought process, (stick tongue slightly in cheek) and decide for yourself.

CON: Bad Guys can listen & will know what the Good Guys are doing.

PRO: 1st, Good Guys have high tech Flash Gordon encryption feature to keep secret talk secret, when needed.

PRO: Average Bad Guy headed for next alcohol binge, crack high, or Code 42 induced crime spree can not even spell 'computer', let alone operate one. Bad Guy in question is slightly higher up food chain and can usually spell 'computer' correctly 6 times out of 10.

PRO: Anyway, most Bad Guys intent on listening these days have enough pocket cash to buy a dozen digi-scanners which would be much easier (& much more portable) to use for same reason (if they actually had the brain cells required to use one, I suppose they could pay someone smarter to do it for them).

PRO: Joe Good Citizen can also listen. This allows Joe to become additional Crime Watch eyes & ears for the Glock Rockin' Good Guys, calling in to County and helping to pinch Bad Guys, put them away, and put their dozen digi-scanners on Federal Forfeiture Disbursement lists for Good Guys to then use, along with their Caddy, Lexus, Mercedes, & Hummer.

PRO: Lastly, the live feed onto the Internet allows the entire world to listen to Westmoreland County's finest men & women behind the badge, who choose to face the risk of making the ultimate sacrifice every single day, in order to make this a safe place for us to live, work & play, and to help preserve the freedom that permits the NKNOC Labs to put that live feed on the 'Net in the first place.

My personal thanks to all of you.