14 April 2005

Live Scanner Update 001

Well folks, at the rate the emails are coming in so far (about 3 per year...!) the live feed will be off the air by this weekend. Sad to report that only a half dozen or so listeners have taken the two minutes required to send a quick email (thanks to those folks, & you know who you are). To date, over 100 users have been logged listening to the live feed on almost a daily basis. Where are the rest of you? How about it my friends.... your email busted or something? You obviously like the free live feed of your favorite county's new 800Mhz radio system traffic as much as we like bringing it to you. Don't like it enough to drop us a quick line or two? Our opinion is that it beats shelling out the $500.00 for one of the new digi-scanners needed to listen to this system on your own.

Only time will tell now.