11 April 2005

Live Scanner Audio Feed Notice

This message will be an elaboration of the updated notice posted on the Scanner Page. This is going out mostly to those of you who have been using the live streaming scanner audio link to listen to the new Westmoreland County DPS 800Mhz Digital Trunked radio system.... and there are quite a few of you! If you haven't been listening to the action for whatever reason, then this is just an FYI.

As stated in the notice on the Scanner Page under the link to the Live Scanner, the computer hardware being utilized to bring you this public service from the NKNOC Labs is on loan, and not (yet anyway...) dedicated to streaming the scanner audio out onto the 'Net for your enjoyment free of charge. In order to make a case for keeping the audio server online instead of having it banished to the back room to crunch Lab formulas, we are hoping that interested users will send a short email to the NKNOC Labs to briefly describe the following:

1. How the feed sounds where you are (remember, this is a new 'Digital' radio system, and will sound a little different).

2. Who listens (just you?, your family? friends? etc.).

3. Where you listen the most (home? work? etc., you can include the area where you are located if you'd like).

4. What hours you tend to listen the most, and for how long.

5. Why you listen (give as many reasons as you can think of).

6. Any other comments, suggestions, or questions are always welcomed.

We want to keep the live feed going, so hit those keyboards and start typing! As always, any information you provide will be treated confidentially, and is never shared with, traded or sold to any other parties.

A couple of final notes regarding this service:
The server presently does have a limit of how many simultaneous connections are permitted at any one time. With the popularity of the feed growing as it is, we can not guarantee that you will always get a connection. The audio server ports are allotted on a first-come-first-served basis. If your audio player doesn't quickly sync up & begin playing the audio stream, it is possible that the server may be out of available ports. Please be patient and wait a few minutes to try again. Also, please DO NOT leave an unnecessary connection running. If no one is listening, please disconnect to allow your port to be used by someone else. The server logs all connections and users that appear to be abusing the free feed will be blocked.

That's about it for now. Again, the NKNOC hopes you are enjoying this service, and looks forward to hearing from all of you!

Scan on...

Scanners hear it first!