25 March 2005

What's in a name?

A. (Lil') Deborah Duyah
Abby Norimalle
Abner Malle
Al Dente
Al Khohol
Alfredo Thedarcke
Ann O'Recksic
Anne Tyklimattick
Armand A. Legge
Aunt Articka

Barb R. Polle
Barbara Y. R. Phense
Bea Ciderpointte
Bea Wrightbaak
Bea Yutefoley
Ben Dover
Ben E. Fitte
Bette U. Addoallar
Bill Ding
Bob Anweev
Bud E. Wiser

Candie Actte
Carlo Onngass
Casey Deeya
Cathy Terr
Charlotte A. Funne
Chick N. Faheatah
Chuck Wagon
Clarence Saille
Claude Byalian
Curt Ale
Curt Sea

D. Claude Kitteycatt
Darren U. Taduwitte
Dawn Tewduske
Dean A. Choord
Dee Learious
Desdemona Ovasaddagirl
Dexter Itty
Don Weenowergayaparell
Doris Locct
Doris Klaused
Doris Y. Dopenn
Doug Inne
Doug Yerrowengrav
Drew A. Blannke
Dusty Rhodes

E. Abbey Deborah Dewwe
Eileen A. Ghenstawhol

Frank Lee Speekun

Gene Yuss

Harry Bacque
Herb Isside
Howie Duwinne

Ivan Agohomme

Jack Dupp
Jill E. Ottsyde
Jill N. E. Airre
Jim Nasium
Jim Neekrickitt
Jude Ishus
Jude Ishall
Justin Thyme

Kurt Tessee
Kurt E. Usse

Mike Romanidge
Mike Rommitter
Mike Rosskope
Molly Kuell

Neil Doune

Polly Esther Faabrik
Polly Ethel Leene

Sal Mannella
Sal Utayshun

Paul Ittickal
Paul Ite
Perry O'Donntall

Stan Dingupp
Stan Dandeelliver

Val E. Dictorryan
Val E. Dayte
Verne Akular
Vic Torrey

Wade Ingpulle
Willie Makit

X. Marco DeSpotte

Know any others? Post them in a comment.

22 March 2005

Don'tcha hate it when...?

.... you're wheeling down the fast lane of your favorite Interstate... doing the speed limit of course :) and that ratty P.O.S. '81 Buick Skylark with broken shocks doing 30Mph whips over out of the slow lane right in front of you, no turn signal, no warning, and for NO worthwhile reason known to man or God!?! Automakers need to start offering the James Bond model, flip-down machine gun headlights as an option.

.... drivers of standard passenger vehicles swing out in the opposite direction before making a turn? (You're not driving a Tractor-Trailer for crying out loud!!)

.... one of those new "wonder drug" commercials ends with "Ask your doctor if 'drug X' is right for you", without any further hint of what the hell it even does?

.... you're shopping in a store and the retail clerk instantly ignores you (the live customer!) to help one that interrupts via phone?

.... you're collaborating at your PC with a colleague who insists on pointing at things on your screen, touching it with his/her greasy, sausage-like fingers, covering it with repulsive smear marks.

.... people don't spell check (e.g. "I didd'nt remeberr to use the spel cheker", Translation: "I'm basically a careless slob.")

.... someone continually interupts you when you're in mid-disertation? (What part of "Please hold your questions until the end." didn't you get??) So much for that train of thought reaching the station.

.... people in a check-out line in front of you rummage for exact change, or grope through a huge stack of paper-clipped coupons?

.... you get a 1/2 hour long, full-fledged epic answer from someone when you simply asked them, "How are you?"?

.... people narrate their actions (e.g. "Oh geez... I have to go get some more paper clips!", or "Boy...I gotta scratch this itch on my butt!"). Thanks for sharing.

.... you hear someone talk using 'Like', 'Um' & 'Y'know WAY too much? (e.g. "Like my friend um Barney, y'know, is like weird y'know what I mean?. Like, he um, talks funny, y'know. It's like not English, like it sounds like it's um, a foreign language, y'know." People that talk like this make me think that they're only using their heads as hair farms. Now, everyone repeat after me: "I promise I will, like, never, um you know, like, insert like, the words 'like', 'you know' or 'um' into, like, any sentences that I, um, like speak you know?"

.... you buy something new that has a sticker on it (in the most obvious, obnoxious & improper place...), that when you peel it off leaves behind some sort of industrial strength gummy residue that is impossible to remove and serves only to collect gross dust balls? Makes you wish you would have just left the stupid sticker on in the first place.

.... the TV news anchor (on an obviously slow news day...) interupts the program you're watching with "Breaking News! This just in.... Channel 11 News has just learned that Mrs. Wagner's cat just gave birth to 5 kittens!! We have a crew on the way to the scene and we'll bring you more on this story just as soon as we get it!" Spare me... and get OFF of my TV!!

.... the TV news reporter giving the story from the scene tells the first 25% of what happened, and then ends the report with "...and coming up new at 4:30, we'll tell you why it happened." Pathetically stretching a simple 4 minute story into a 20 minute epic just so the news program can run for a full two hours! Geez... Tell me NOW you moron. I'm here, you’re here, you have the facts, FINISH THE STORY and then GO AWAY! On a REALLY slow news day, this is often repeated three or four times on the same story. (Slow news day Rx = Substitute 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, etc. for the time above, give one additional small story detail, and repeat on the half-hour as needed). Gimme a break.... The entire nightly news could be told in 30 minutes, sans commercials and the above 'stretching technique'. Is this what they teach in 'News Journalism' classes now? Or have the schools finally changed the course name to a more justified 'It's All About The Ratings' class?


20 March 2005

Weekend - Part Deux

Well, we're '2 fer 2' on rainy weekend weather here. A slow, continuous drizzle all day long, falling out of a never-ending gray overcast. I checked with NASA and they assured me that the sun IS still up there somewhere. On days like this, the world looks like it's in black & white. So much for the first day of spring, although it could be argued that this qualifies as bonafide spring weather. Yeah, whatever... Hopefully everyone had a good (& safe) weekend, whatever the weather did where you are.

Besides the official onset of Spring, I'm also celebrating the onset of the completion of my 2004 income tax returns. Hoo-ray! Did the e-File thing again this year via Turbo-Tax (thanks for the help there LanMan). Now, I'll just sit back and wait for that direct deposit refund to slam home into the old bank account! Haven't decided yet how I'm going to spend the entire 27 dollars & 42 cents.... Thanks also goes out to Pony Boy for his recent help with Quicken software. If I learn how to use all of the budget analysis tools in it, maybe I'll be able to save a few bucks next time around.

OK then, before I check out of here, a secret message to Slim:
Sorry I missed your call, I had the ringer turned off. Will get in touch soon.

Alright, checking out now. Have a good evening everyone.

Today's Quote:
"If you want to make others happy, practice compassion. If you want to make yourself happy, practice compassion."


19 March 2005

Weekend - Part 1

Just had a look at the local weather radar... it appears that it's going to get a little wet around here soon. Of course it'll rain today, since I was finally able to get the Big Ford cleaned up halfway decent (see previous post). Oh well. Beats another dump of the white stuff, plus it's 60 degrees outside right now which is a major bonus for me (take a look at This Post if you want to know why). I'll take warm & wet over cold & whatever any day.

My friend Tim is taking a couple of online courses via the ever-popular University of Phoenix. He was explaining to me the other day about the way it's set up sort of like a Usenet News Group, where the instructor gives... er, well, instructions I suppose, and students posts their messages & assignments back to the board. The students in his class sometimes work as a group or team, and each student's work gets critiqued by the others. Assignments are graded along the way, with a successful tally resulting in receiving the passing credits. I hope I remembered most of that correctly. Tim says that it takes a lot of screen time to keep up. He's getting ready to finish up soon so I'm betting he's psyched. Anyone else out there doing the online education thing and want to comment? Likes, dislikes, costs, worth it or not, would you do it again, etc.?

~You can skip this next section if you're not a Scanning Enthusiast~

Well, I've been working slowly (but steadily) on filling in my WCDPS 800Mhz/System-152 P96Comm TalkGroup and Radio ID lists. I've logged 118 TG's and 1348 Radio ID's total so far, with quite a few of those identified and confirmed. For those of you using P96Comm and who listen to WCDPS, updated copies of my P96Comm files along with a Win96 programming file, are available as downloadable Zip files from the Scanner Page on GMANS.net. Also, I've been tinkering with the live audio feed server for the WCDPS scanner traffic, trying to make it more efficient and able to host an additional number of clients (it's popular!), so those of you using it may find it down for maintenance here and there for short periods. If you repeatedly can't connect, I'm most likely working on it, so check back a little later. If for any reason it has to be down for an extended period of time, I'll post a notice on the Scanner Page to let you know. Obviously, the new WCDPS 800Mhz system is my main focus these days, being one of the few APCO-25 digital trunked public service systems in the area, and since it's such a major departure away from the older VHF/UHF conventional radio systems. Both my Pro-96 and Pro-2096 are working great and I'm definitely happy with their performance. The 2096 is what you're listening to on the live feed, pumping its audio into the server. As I noted on the Scanner Page, for those of you listening to the live feed, drop a line to the NKNOC Labs to let me know what you think. This project was more of an experiment than an idea for a permanent offering, and does tie up some borrowed hardware here in the NOC. If I hear from enough of you that like it, I most likely will set up some dedicated NOC equipment for a permanent connection out to the 'Net. So send that email!

Time to go and fix some dinner (never did understand that.... is dinner broken..??), so that will bring this post to its close.

See you next time, and don't be bashful.... post a comment!


18 March 2005

Day of the "FRI" type

Finally, it's Friday. Seems like it took a month to get here this week. Not sure why though since it was non-stop whirlwind action for the past five days. Usually staying constantly busy makes the time fly by before you can even realize it. Maybe that's the problem. My brain cells are just in need of a pit stop. Looks like I'll have to schedule that in though, as I'm already thinking of all the things I need to do this weekend.

One of those things that is definitely going to get done is the cleansing of the Big Ford. It is in dire need of having about three weeks of caked-on road salt residue washed off of it. I'm beginning to think that it really is painted that dull shade of grayish-white instead of the original 'Laser Red' that Ford sold me. Speaking of the Big Ford, since it will pass everything on the road except a gas station, I had to stop and take aboard fuel (gas, go juice, motion lotion, etc.) this morning in order to make it all the way to work. Some weeks, a full tank (that's right, 30 gallons worth!) just runs shy of making it from weekend to weekend. Four hundred miles of commuting to-from work all week tends to take its toll. Yes people, $2.07/9 a gallon for the cheap stuff! Remember, you read it here first (well, maybe not first... but you did read it here), this summer will mark a new record in the cost of gasoline (& other fossil fuels I'm sure). I've even heard talk of rationing already....geez. Paying high prices for gas is one thing, but having to sit waiting in line in 80-90 degree weather on top of that is not painting a pretty picture in my mind's eye. Let's try to be optimistic. Hey, by the way, have you received one of those forwarded chain emails from someone yet that identifies the big oil companies that import OPEC oil and those that don't? It says that we should all just boycott those that do until they roll over, capitulate and lower their prices. And the chances of that happening are...? Uhh, excuse me, but I think that with all of the mega-bazillions of dollars that the OPEC boys have stashed in their piggy banks, they just might be able to wait out any feeble attempt at a boycott by a well-meaning few. I have to believe that the solution to a "Supply & Demand" type of problem, is for us to simply reduce our "Demand" on their "Supply". Look for a spike in the sale of hybrid powered vehicles in the coming months, with all of the big players offering a model or two. Toyota so far seems to have left that gate in a dead sprint with its Prius hybrid. The others will follow suit you can bet. "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"

OK, enough on that subject so I don't get any more depressed about it. Those of you with an opinion one way or another are welcomed to comment.

Have a fun Friday everyone, see you at the next posting. Don't be late.


17 March 2005

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Here's a quick entry to wish everyone a "Happy St. Patrick's Day". Have fun, and here's hoping that the end of your rainbow has a pot o' gold waiting for you.

And also... a special St. Patrick's Happy Birthday to Patty! (...and no, her last name isn't O'Furniture either). Have a good one!

G O'Man

16 March 2005

Random Thoughts....

I've been noticing more and more lately, that working here in the NOC Labs has almost become like a second job (too bad there's no pay...). There always seems to be something that needs cleaned, moved, fixed, replaced, updated, revised, etc., etc. I'll have to admit though, that because of always having something new to deal with in here, I've managed to learn quite a bit about many of the whats, hows & whys of the Internet and computer science in general. Now if I could just manage to remember it all for whenever I need it again, but that subject is a post for another day! Waiting for the local winter weather to take its final leave for the season.... I've about had it. I am not a "winter" person in any way, shape, or form. I understand that there are those of you out there who actually look forward to the cold & the snow. I put up with it and that's about it. I just can't seem to have any fun when my teeth are chattering and I can't feel my toes. Some folks have been telling me that I should move to Florida, but now that I think about it, I'm not a "hurricane" person either. Although, I would surely enjoy never again having to bundle into a thick cocoon of warm clothing or scrape the ice off the windows of my car before I could drive it. Well, from what the weather-guessers are saying (& with the Vernal Equinox looming), spring weather is not long off. I'm ready.

...oh, and since I've been asked more than twice already, here is the definition for "MUSE", as used in the description of this Blog:

1. To think closely; to study in silence; to meditate.
2. To be absent in mind; to be so occupied in study or contemplation as not to observe passing scenes or things present.
3. To wonder. [Obs.]
Syn: To consider; meditate; ruminate. See {Ponder}.
\Muse\, v. t.1. To think on; to meditate on.
2. To wonder at. [Obs.]
\Muse\, n.1. Contemplation which abstracts the mind from passing scenes; absorbing thought; hence, absence of mind.
2. Wonder, or admiration. [Obs.]


15 March 2005

GMANS.net Weblog - Grand Opening

This is the first post for the new GMANS.net Weblog page, just to get things off and rolling. I'll be adding new entries here as often as possible, on whichever subject happens to be on my mind, so check back often to see what's new. Feel free to post a comment anytime the spirit moves you, and be sure to look around the rest of the GMANS.net site by using either the menu buttons at left or the "GMANS.net Home Page" link on this page. I'll be adding more web sites to the "Links of the Month" section, so if you would like to suggest one, drop a line. Thanks for stopping by.