30 September 2006

3 Quick Reminders

It's been so long that I almost forgot what it looks like in here... ;^)

Well, only time for a few quick announcements as follows:

1. Check out the NKNOC Labs web site to see the latest updates, in particular, the Pro96Com Page with many new screenshots of the software in action. A must see...

2. Also visit IBN at
www.incidentbroadcast.com to get the latest on all of the changes happening there, not the least of which is the development of a brand new CAD I/N system! If you haven't done so already, be sure to register there as a member to take advantage of all of the services we provide. All FREE..! The 50+ live scanner audio feeds on the TeamSpeak server alone are worth the price..! Oh wait.. there is no price.. it's all FREE! Many new recorded scanner incidents in the Recorded Audio section! So be sure to visit IBN soon. Did I mention that everything we provide is FREE? IBN is the Internet's choice for the best in free, live online scanner broadcating and other 9-1-1 related web services!

3. And lastly, a reminder that WCDPS's EXERCISE URBAN THUNDER is less than 30 days away..!! Don't miss it.. be sure to tune in to the NKNOC Labs live online scanner feed to hear all of the action! Check our scanner page for easy instructions that will have you set up and listening live from right where you're sitting in mere minutes! If you're not tuning in.. you're missing out!