04 July 2006

WCDPS Live Scanner Feed Turns 1 !

First, I would like to wish everyone a safe, healthy & happy Independence Day holiday! Remember, the Holiday is not about the date ("the 4th of July") as just being the one on which firework displays are enjoyed, but rather how this great country gained its freedom on that day back in 1776, the priceless freedom that we all still enjoy today. A salute to all of those since that time who have sacrificed to make sure that happens each and every day we wake up. That's what we are really celebrating.

Second, this July 4th marks the One Year Anniversary of the Westmoreland County Dept. of Public Safety's 800Mhz Trunked Radio System channel on the IBN TeamSpeak server! It was one year ago on this day in 2005 that the WCDPS channel was approved and made its debut on the IBN "airwaves", streaming '24x7x365-Live!' ever since from here inside the NKNOC Labs and out to the world via the Internet. The Westmoreland County channel quickly gained a strong local following, and remains one of the most popular broadcasts on the TeamSpeak server.

I would personally like to thank Brian (IBN01), the owner of the Incident Broadcast Network, all the Admins, the Broadcasters, Listeners, and all other members of the IBN community that make this possible. Without all of Brian's hard work (and never giving up..!), and the super support of all of the Admins, Broadcasters and Listeners, the Incident Broadcast Network would never have achieved its top slot in the online broadcasting industry, and would probably not still be in existence today. So another fitting salute to all those that participate in making IBN what it is.... a leader in free, live, online scanner audio broadcasting, and one of the top names in 9-1-1 related content on the web!

Looking forward to another great year...