18 June 2006


This is just a quick entry to alert readers that the Incident Broadcast Network, that carries the live streaming scanner audio of the WCDPS TRS (& many others) has changed server hosting locations. What does that mean to you, the web site visitor or the TeamSpeak listener? Not much really....

...other than IBN's digital assets being moved to and operated from a new physical location, nothing really changes. You still visit the IBN website via the same links, and listen to the TeamSpeak broadcasts in the same way as well. The only change in Teamspeak would be for those listeners that happen to use the IBN IP ADDRESS as the Server Name in the TS Connect screen. In this case, the "old" IP will no longer work and will give a "Socket Error 1104".

In the 'SERVER NAME' box in the Connect Screen, use either of the following:



OK... that's it for now. Hope you continue to enjoy our live audio feed of the Westmoreland County 800Mhz TRS radio traffic, and as always, please don't be shy in letting us know what you think. We love getting your email and will reply to all, answering any questions you might have.


...and a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all you Dads out there!! :^)

~ Ciao