19 February 2006

Catch-Up Time...

OK... yeah, it's been quite a while since I've had some real time to put toward this blog. Seems like forever.... anyway, had a few free minutes and thought I would attempt to throw a quick entry in.

Work has been consuming most of my time these past few months... with breathing, eating, & sleeping taking up the rest. And with that dang $360million PowerBall jackpot not coming through like I had planned, I don't see that routine changing much in the near future...


Well, IBN ( www.INCIDENTBROADCAST.com ) has been doing well, growing like a bad weed... which is good! Many new channels have come on board now, with new requests coming in weekly. We made a major move over to a new Data Center server, after the old one really started to be mis-managed by its owners. We weren't liking that much at all, so we bailed. There are many new features planned and coming soon, so swing by the site to see what's new. The incident audio & photo sections are always well worth a stop. As always, the IBN TeamSpeak server is where you will find the LIVE! Westmoreland County 800Mhz scanner audio going 24x7x365 !

The WC 800Mhz system is plugging along after over a year in operation since its debut, albeit still dragging its problems along behind like some excess baggage. Sure hope the powers that be get it squared up sooner... rather than later. My wish list you ask..? Well.... for starters..

1. If we're sticking with 800Mhz, then improve the RF footprint to eliminate known dead/weak coverage areas. Many places in the eastern areas just plain don't work.
2. Increase the available voice frequencies to eliminate 'system busy' waits during high traffic periods.
3. Make sure that all 1st responders that need to use the system have radios... if that means moving them away from municipalities that have them but are not actively participating in the TRS, then so be it. Let those groups use cells phones or their old VHF radios instead of wasting the new TRS with BS talk about what's for lunch.

My buddy Houndogg has his new web site together now, so click on over & see what he has to offer.... then you can let me know since I'm still trying to figure it out..! ...kidding of course... :-P The site is actually pretty cool. Here's the link:

The Dogg House - www.houndogg.com