18 September 2005

WCDPS News & IBN Web Site Additions

This won't be long so let's get right to it....

The WCDPS 800 Mhz TRS has added the newest members of the County's DPS Community that have switched to the new trunked radio network. PD's in District 6/7 are now live and operational on TalkGroups 76-80, as of Thursday, 15 Sep 2005 at 1200hrs.

Included this time around are:
Mt. Pleasant
Monessen (Dist. 7)
North Belle Vernon
West Newton
Sutersville (we think...)

There are also fire companies joining from the new coverage area.

Please check out the IBN web site for new information on our latest offering:


This feature will allow you to download pre-recorded scanner audio of incidents from all around the Country, to take with you & play back on your portable MP3 player! Although not live, now you can listen to hot incidents when YOUR schedule permits, wherever you happen to be!

Learn more on IBN at:


While there, be sure to check out our new Incident Photo Section. Some great photo images of incidents heard on IBN!

Stay tuned to this Blog for further updates.

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