10 August 2005

LATEST WCDPS-Live! Scanner Feed Update


Hoping that everyone has been able to get TeamSpeak set up, & that you are all enjoying listening to the live scanner action. One recent change regarding the IBN TeamSpeak server is that it is now REQUIRED that you register your NickName with the Server. This is to provide additional security to the TeamSpeak server from spammers/hackers. What registering means is that you simply apply for "ownership" of your NickName using a password you've selected, and then the server will remember that NickName as belonging to you, so no one else can use it. That's all. Registering DOES NOT have anything to do with giving your real name, email address, or any other private information about yourself. So don't be bashful.... go ahead and REGISTER! Besides, it's the only way you'll be able to join the live feed. Unregistered users can not move into any of the broadcasting channels.

For complete instructions on how to get set up, connect, register, and listen, please visit the Scanner Page on our web site.


I would like to again thank Brian Baldwin & his team at IBN for providing this FREE service. Be sure and visit the IBN website at:


where you will find a ton of scanning related information, all FREE.

As always, you can send all of your comments & questions directly to me at:

GMan / NKNOC Labs