05 July 2005

WCDPS Live Scanner Feed Has Moved!!

We interupt this program to bring you the following important announcement:

Would just like to post a quick notice concerning our live Westmoreland County scanner audio stream for those interested:

First, No...(to answer the question on the minds of many) the live scanner feed isn't gone...

Be advised that due to the overwhelming demand and its limited access, the live streaming scanner audio of the WCDPS 800Mhz Digital TRS that has been running directly from our web site has been moved to an offsite TeamSpeak server hosted by IBN. This new format now allows an UNLIMITED number of listeners so all of you WCDPS scanner enthusiasts can tune in! The new method is quite easy to set up and will have your virtual cyber-scanner monitoring the 800Mhz radio traffic in mere minutes!

Please visit our web site and check out the Scanner Page for complete details and instructions on where and how to connect.

Thanks to all of the faithful listeners that have stuck with the feed so far, you are largely responsible for keeping the feed alive and have given the Labs reason to take it to the next level.

Enjoy, and drop us an email to comment on the new feed!

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program.....

Scan on...