12 June 2005

Houston, The Blah-Gher Has Landed ! (again...)

A notice for all of you who look in on these writings either on a regular basis, or maybe just every now & again. The Bloogher-BlahGher himself, K3SAM has done it again. Due to some recurring technical problems on the original web hosting site that began his Blah-G's journey through cyberspace, 'the Chief' began temporarily posting his entries on his own website in order to "keep the drive alive". Be advised all of you faithful Blah-Ghers, that he has now moved his Blah-G column once more. You will now find the Blah-G Master's one-of-a-kind articles at the following link:

K3SAM's Booger Blah-G
(link is also available at right in sidebar)

His posts revolve mostly around the new Westmoreland County DPS 800Mhz Radio System, and include serious information on the latest happenings, along with some amusing anecdotes on what can be heard there. So whether you own a new 800Mhz digi-scanner and listen to the action, or link up to the NKNOC Labs Live Streaming Scanner Audio to catch the latest, or don't even listen at all, click over to see what the Blah-Gher has to lighten your day!

Also, don't miss the K3SAM web site. It's chock full of Westmoreland County Scanner Radio info, including frequencies, station & unit identifiers, photos, file downloads, and much more.

Click here to visit the K3SAM Website

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