23 May 2005

NKNOC Labs Live Scanner Audio News

In case you were wondering, the NKNOC Labs live scanner audio feed was taken off the air for a time this date, for maintenance purposes.

As stated on our website, the audio server does require periodic maintenance, which is not always able to be performed during off-peak hours. Those of you who wrote in asking if the "end had come" need not be alarmed. The Labs intends to keep the feed going as long as we are able to, and we are currently looking at several new ways of expanding the server's ability to provide additional ports for more simultaneous listener connections. As we've previously alluded to, unlike the live scanner audio service we provide, these upgrade options are not free and will require capital expenditure against the NKNOC Labs budget. Stay faithful, and stay tuned, for more news on these options in the very near future.

As always, the NKNOC Labs welcomes your suggestions, comments and questions, so please write us using any of the contact methods on our site, or click HERE to send us an email. We look forward to hearing from all of you, in particular all of the men & women serving Westmoreland County as Police Officers, Firefighters, EMS Technicians, 911 Dispatchers, and Call Takers. Send in any news about your station or your experiences with the new radio system, and we'll post them here if you wish. Love it? Hate it? Let us know. Surely some of you at least have something to say about that little orange emergency button that seems to get pressed without you knowing it? Until County Radio calls you to check on your status that is! ("Please reset your emergency signal. Hold the button in until you hear the tone.")

Don't forget to check out K3SAM's weblog (use the link at right), and the K3SAM website for the best list of frequencies, photos of W.C. VFD stations & their antenna systems, and plenty of other good info.

Scan on...