12 May 2005

Gone in 60 seconds

Using just a minute here to thank those of you who have recently taken the time to send in your thoughts about the live scanner feed. Your encouragement & kind words are much appreciated. As is obvious, it was decided to keep the feed going for the time being, albeit with the number of simultaneous listener restrictions remaining in place. A reminder that when receiving a "server busy or not found" error, it just means that the server is full, so you'll need try back again a little later (once again, don't be Porky the scanner audio Hog! Please disconnect when you're not listening.). We here at the Labs are still considering our options in ways to make the live audio service available to more of you at once. As with any business decision that requires the spending of capital, it usually comes down to what final effect it will have on the bottom line. Further updates will be posted here, so check in often.

We'll leave you with the 'Thought for the Day' -

"Always remember, that you are a unique, one of a kind individual, just like everybody else!"