16 March 2005

Random Thoughts....

I've been noticing more and more lately, that working here in the NOC Labs has almost become like a second job (too bad there's no pay...). There always seems to be something that needs cleaned, moved, fixed, replaced, updated, revised, etc., etc. I'll have to admit though, that because of always having something new to deal with in here, I've managed to learn quite a bit about many of the whats, hows & whys of the Internet and computer science in general. Now if I could just manage to remember it all for whenever I need it again, but that subject is a post for another day! Waiting for the local winter weather to take its final leave for the season.... I've about had it. I am not a "winter" person in any way, shape, or form. I understand that there are those of you out there who actually look forward to the cold & the snow. I put up with it and that's about it. I just can't seem to have any fun when my teeth are chattering and I can't feel my toes. Some folks have been telling me that I should move to Florida, but now that I think about it, I'm not a "hurricane" person either. Although, I would surely enjoy never again having to bundle into a thick cocoon of warm clothing or scrape the ice off the windows of my car before I could drive it. Well, from what the weather-guessers are saying (& with the Vernal Equinox looming), spring weather is not long off. I'm ready.

...oh, and since I've been asked more than twice already, here is the definition for "MUSE", as used in the description of this Blog:

1. To think closely; to study in silence; to meditate.
2. To be absent in mind; to be so occupied in study or contemplation as not to observe passing scenes or things present.
3. To wonder. [Obs.]
Syn: To consider; meditate; ruminate. See {Ponder}.
\Muse\, v. t.1. To think on; to meditate on.
2. To wonder at. [Obs.]
\Muse\, n.1. Contemplation which abstracts the mind from passing scenes; absorbing thought; hence, absence of mind.
2. Wonder, or admiration. [Obs.]