18 March 2005

Day of the "FRI" type

Finally, it's Friday. Seems like it took a month to get here this week. Not sure why though since it was non-stop whirlwind action for the past five days. Usually staying constantly busy makes the time fly by before you can even realize it. Maybe that's the problem. My brain cells are just in need of a pit stop. Looks like I'll have to schedule that in though, as I'm already thinking of all the things I need to do this weekend.

One of those things that is definitely going to get done is the cleansing of the Big Ford. It is in dire need of having about three weeks of caked-on road salt residue washed off of it. I'm beginning to think that it really is painted that dull shade of grayish-white instead of the original 'Laser Red' that Ford sold me. Speaking of the Big Ford, since it will pass everything on the road except a gas station, I had to stop and take aboard fuel (gas, go juice, motion lotion, etc.) this morning in order to make it all the way to work. Some weeks, a full tank (that's right, 30 gallons worth!) just runs shy of making it from weekend to weekend. Four hundred miles of commuting to-from work all week tends to take its toll. Yes people, $2.07/9 a gallon for the cheap stuff! Remember, you read it here first (well, maybe not first... but you did read it here), this summer will mark a new record in the cost of gasoline (& other fossil fuels I'm sure). I've even heard talk of rationing already....geez. Paying high prices for gas is one thing, but having to sit waiting in line in 80-90 degree weather on top of that is not painting a pretty picture in my mind's eye. Let's try to be optimistic. Hey, by the way, have you received one of those forwarded chain emails from someone yet that identifies the big oil companies that import OPEC oil and those that don't? It says that we should all just boycott those that do until they roll over, capitulate and lower their prices. And the chances of that happening are...? Uhh, excuse me, but I think that with all of the mega-bazillions of dollars that the OPEC boys have stashed in their piggy banks, they just might be able to wait out any feeble attempt at a boycott by a well-meaning few. I have to believe that the solution to a "Supply & Demand" type of problem, is for us to simply reduce our "Demand" on their "Supply". Look for a spike in the sale of hybrid powered vehicles in the coming months, with all of the big players offering a model or two. Toyota so far seems to have left that gate in a dead sprint with its Prius hybrid. The others will follow suit you can bet. "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"

OK, enough on that subject so I don't get any more depressed about it. Those of you with an opinion one way or another are welcomed to comment.

Have a fun Friday everyone, see you at the next posting. Don't be late.